About Regina Starkey

Smiles and a genuine need to show your beauty in printed form is what you will find when you meet Regina. Everyone has a story and she will not stop until it is told in a medium you can share with great enthusiasm in the real world instead of the cyber realm. This desire has been the same desire of all true artists since the beginning of time.

Regina began her love of photography as most people do, at an early age. Unable to draw or paint, her mother replaced her frustration with another art form – the camera. When pocket cameras were no longer enough, she worked an entire summer at her first job in a lemonade stand at Dollywood to purchase her first 35mm. With the gift of technology exploding from one year to the next, and after the jump from amateur to professional presented itself, she now has over 15 years’ experience as a full time professional photographer in the digital age.

Her dedication to this art demands that no other career interferes.
She has accumulated many accolades over the years, including being the first photographer in the Tennessee Professional Photographers Association to score a perfect 100 in the annual print salon. Additionally, she has two Fuji Masterpiece awards along with several PPA International Loan Collection images. One of those images branded the cover of the International Loan book in 2003. These awards are mentioned only for your comfort in knowing that your investment in her photographic art is well founded. Rest assured she has a solid background in lighting, posing, and graphic design.

Regina believes there is a time and place for all things. When the time is right in your life to create a novel in light and art as opposed to the quick, easy short stories splashed across social media… she welcomes you with open arms.