I hope to inspire you to create an image that belongs where it can be appreciated the most… your home.
To me, there is no better way to make a house a loving home
than to fill it with images that tell compelling stories as the years go by.
I specialize in creating portraits that are best appreciated in fine art albums or in framed portraits on your walls.

Your adventure will begin at my 20 acre photography venue and studio nestled in the Smoky Mountains.
If you live nearby, I want to meet with you in person prior to our photography session.
This is the best way for me to get to know you and develop our art plan together.
If you are like many of my other destination clients and friends, we can talk by phone before you make your journey here.

The time required for your photography session will be determined during our consultation.
Some artistic images take more time to create than others, and I will not rush this process in any way.
You are too important to me as a unique individual, and your investment in high quality imagery is not taken lightly.

A portrait viewing will be scheduled on a separate day following your photography session.
I believe in giving my clients the attention necessary to make their selections and continue the flow of ideas.
Please understand that the style of photography I share with you is not conducive to the cold environment of online proofing,
and I will deliver tangible beauty to you instead of electronic files alone.

Weddings & Engagement

Family & Children

Custom Photographic Art